Return Policy



**Some restrictions may apply**

The Comfort Adjustment would be used for NON-Warranty issues

There's nothing mechanically  wrong with your Mattress, it just may not feel as good to you as it did in the showroom, which happens. 

It takes your body at least 2 weeks  to adjust to a new mattress.  
If, after that time, you are not comfortable, please contact Mattress Maker to set up a Comfort Adjustment to your Mattress. 

**Some restrictions may apply**


     Our Comfort Promise only applies to warranted bedding above $539

·    There is a round trip delivery charge.  Twice the original delivery charge on order. One to pick up the mattress and one for re-delivery after adjustment is made. If you have the ability to drop off and pick up, we will adjust the mattress one time free of charge, keeping in the same density foams of original purchase.  (Any upgrades in foams will incur a cost.)

·        Does NOT include Mattresses that are made of all foam.  
(due to the layers are glued and removing a single layer can do damage to the core)

·        Excludes purchases that are special size/special order;  Antique Beds, RVs, Boats etc.


·        PLEASE NOTE: Our Comfort Promise is a one-time/one adjustment per customer.


Adjustable bases are not covered by our warranty/comfort adjustment policy and may not be returned or exchanged.


FURNITURE:  What style bed furniture do you have?  Headboard with a foot board? Sleigh bed style?  Those tend to sit a little higher than a standard steel frame,  so when purchasing a set, you may want to consider about purchasing a lo-profile foundation that way you will not need steps to get into bed.


When you purchase a mattress (especially one that comes with a warranty), you should have some sort of Mattress Protector on it.  If you should run into any warranty issues, the first thing we will ask for is a picture of your mattress without sheets, if it is stained or soiled, it will void your warranty, fluids can break down foam in the mattress.


With double sided mattresses, be sure the flip and spin every 3 weeks the first few months of purchase, after that you can flip and spin every 5-6 months.  This gives the mattress plenty of "recovery time".   If your Mattress is not double sided, then give it a spin.